Try These Fun Ideas for Outdoor Workouts With Your Dog

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Do you get bored walking your dog every day and wonder if there’s something more interesting to do together? Maybe you know you need to exercise but lack the motivation to do it alone. Believe it or not, your pet dog could be precisely the company you need.

Whatever your situation, if you have a canine companion, the following ideas could be just what you’re looking for. Check out these fun outdoor workouts that you can do with your dog.


Hiking is an excellent activity for physical fitness and sightseeing. You and your hound can get a great workout while you enjoy the most beautiful views in your region.

Trails often have rest stops where you can spend time with your pet, enjoy some water and snacks, and take advantage of the scenery. If you hike at high altitudes, you and your pup will get the added benefit of improving both breathing and endurance.


Swimming in a pond, lake, pool, or ocean can be fun for you and your dog. It provides a low-impact workout for the whole body and can help you sleep better.

A day at the beach can give both of you some essential sunlight, as well. Consider packing a picnic basket with dog treats and snacks.

Doing Dog Yoga (Doga)

Doga is a modified form of yoga designed for humans and dogs to do together. These exercises help promote whole-body strength and concentration. Consider this activity as a bonding time, as well.
Stand Up Paddleboarding
Lakes and oceans can be perfect paddleboarding sites. You and your pet will get a workout while also improving your balance.


If your area gets lots of snow in the winter, snowshoeing is an option. Larger dogs will happily bound through several inches of powder while you trek along. If you have a smaller pet, make sure the snow isn’t too deep before considering this activity.

If you’re concerned about your pup’s safety because of the extreme cold, not to worry. Boots or snowshoes are also available for dogs.

Playing Tug of War

Dogs thoroughly enjoy tugging at objects. If you don’t have a rope to use, you can make a braid out of some old clothes and use it to play competitively with your canine friend.


Have you ever heard of skijoring? It involves having an animal–like a horse, dog, or reindeer–pull you through the snow on skis. This activity is ideal for larger dogs, especially ones with a lot of energy.

Skijoring can be a fantastic adventure. However, it’s wise to start slowly and with short distances to avoid injury to yourself and your pet.

Playing Keep Away

Keep Away, also known as Monkey in the Middle, typically requires at least three participants. One tries to get something, like a ball or frisbee, while the others try to keep that player from getting the object.

Playing this game with your dog provides physical and mental exercise for you both. It tests your speed and reflexes, too.


If you’re used to walking your dog, you’re not too far from jogging or running. You can work your speed up slowly, and your pup will accompany you. Some breeds adore going fast, and you’ll both benefit from the cardio workout.

Stair Running

Pooches often like running up and down stairs, and your local park or stadium might be a great place to try it. Your dog can be an excellent partner for this intense workout.


Some events allow dogs to accompany their owners. If you’re already running the race distance with your hound, consider participating.

Some animals can handle long distances, and a veterinarian can tell you if your dog’s breed, age, and health allow for this activity. They can also explain what weather conditions are safe for jogging with your pet.


Kayaking on your own can be exhilarating, but doing it with your canine friend can be a unique adventure. You’ll get a more intense core and arm workout from the extra weight, and you can do so in good company.

Obstacle Course

Dogs typically enjoy obstacle courses. Consider creating a circuit that you can do together. Include sprints, jumps, and creative agility exercises.

Running Through the Sprinkler

Playing under the sprinkler is an excellent activity for kids on hot days. If you don’t have children at home, then take your dog out there and have some fun cooling down from the scorching weather.

Playing Tag

Playing tag with your pet can give you a fantastic workout and lead to loads of laughter. The best part is that you can play anywhere–in a park, at home, on a beach, or wherever you find the space.

Riding a Bike

You can take almost any dog along on a bike ride. If you have a smaller or older pet that can’t keep up with you, a basket or trailer could be a solution.

Larger, younger ones can likely run faster than you do, but on a bicycle, you can keep up. Regardless, your pup will adore being out and about while you ride. It may take some practice for your pet to learn to stay close to you and away from passing traffic.

Playing Frisbee

Dogs with lots of energy benefit the most from this activity. Some love to jump high and catch the disc in midair. Playing frisbee can help you calm your pet when they’re full of pizzazz.

The Takeaway

There are numerous fun outdoor activities you can do with your dog. All of them provide a good workout and an opportunity to bond with your pet. When you’re looking for ideas, consider trying one of the following:

  • Hiking
  • Swimming
  • Doga
  • Snowshoeing
  • Tug of War
  • Skijoring
  • Keep Away
  • Running
  • Kayaking
  • Obstacle course
  • Tag
  • Biking
  • Frisbee

With a canine companion at your side, you won’t feel alone, and you’ll likely find greater motivation to be physically active.

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