The Perfect Workout Plan

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People find themselves on treadmills, hitting pilates classes, lifting weights, walking, or engaging in yoga sessions for many reasons. Weight loss, muscle tone, endorphin boosting vitality, and mental clarity all can result from an optimal workout.

Better health is generally the main ingredient in workout goals; however, the best plan is not generic. Finding a balance between workout frequency and length in a perfect world will differ for each individual.

Age Matters

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) outlines a basic physical activity guideline to maintain good health for specific adult categories according to age and medical status.

In general, adults aged 18-64 with no hHealth limitations should plan on 150 minutes of weekly moderate level activity, along with two days per week of some muscle-strengthening exercise. Adults over age 65 with no health limitations should follow the same regimen and add some balancing exercises.

Adults 18-64

Moderate level physical activity can be daily walking, jogging, or another exercise you enjoy that moves your entire body. The Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans suggests half an hour a day, five days a week of moderate activity, with two days of focus on a muscle-strengthening exercise. Muscle toning should incorporate the primary muscular system.

Adding 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic exercise to your workout program each week will bring additional health and weight-loss benefits.


Weight gain due to metabolism issues caused by hormonal imbalances can crop up with age. The Mayo Clinic says hormonal changes are not the only cause of gaining weight during menopause, but that age, genetics, and lifestyle also play a part.

Loss of muscle mass reduces your body’s metabolism and calorie-burning ability. You can remedy this by working out to achieve a fit body. You will burn those extra calories, regain lost muscle and achieve vitality.

Some specialists even address weight gain and metabolic issues for women. Dr. Jade Teta, an integrative physician and trainer, zeroes in on effective exercise and weight loss by working with hormonal rhythms.

Both Genders can Build Muscles

If muscle building and six-pack abs are what you’re after, check out for some beneficial workout guidelines. A suggested three days of specific muscle-building reps along with three additional off days are the recommended protocol. Add some cardio and you’ll see success with weight loss. An important aspect to note for muscle regiments is recovery time. Do not overexert yourself, which will be cross-productive to results and can cause injuries.

Adults 65 and Older

Maintaining a youthful outlook can be achieved at any age. Older adults will enjoy reduced health problems, stronger muscles, and greater independence by maintaining a regular workout program. Combining moderate and vigorous workout modalities up to 300 minutes a week will lead to more health benefits for older adults with no chronic conditions or limitations.

Talk with your doctor before starting a new workout plan, and be sure to check in to make sure you’re progressing healthfully. And make sure to stretch before and after your workout for injury prevention.

Exercising While Pregnant

Pregnant women, with the guidance of their physician, can exercise. Moderate activities pre- and post-pregnancy, like walking, bring improved mood and organ health. The Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans recommends 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity throughout the week. If you were active before expecting, you may maintain a safe routine with doctor approval.

According to the Mayo Clinic, keeping a dedicated workout plan during pregnancy can keep excess weight down; reduce aches, pains, and swelling; improve your mood; and may reduce the risk of needing a C-section. Start slowly with new exercise plans 10 minutes a day, then build up to 30 minutes. And be sure to stay hydrated during your workout!

Some low-impact exercise ideas include:

  • Walking
  • Swimming
  • Minimal-impact aerobics
  • Stationary bike riding

Overcoming Health Issues With Exercise

Movement activities for adults with disabilities or chronic health issues can improve cardiovascular and brain health plus increase happiness. Ask your health care specialist for supportive exercise activities.

You may be able to try 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise during the week, with two days focusing on major muscle group strengthening. Wheelchair rolling, biking, and swimming are suitable aerobic activities. Yoga, exercise bands, and weights will develop muscles.

No Time? There’s Always Time

These suggested physical fitness regimens may not fit your schedule or lifestyle. But don’t worry — Dr. Oz and Fitness Guru Jorge Cruise have created the 5 Minute Workout for full body transformation. If you have time limits and life constraints, just 5 minutes a day could be your best option, and you can do it right from your home.

Finding Your Best Workout

Gender, age, genetics, and physical condition will play a role in your perfect world workout plan.
Chiseled muscles, physical fitness, and a healthier body can be achieved with the right personalized plan for YOU.

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