Simple At Home Exercises with No Equipment

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Don’t buy the idea of waiting for the right scene and time to do your workout. Whether you are ultra-busy, traveling, or just don’t feel like checking in a gym, you can conduct a routine of simple exercises to get the job done. Your body weight offers the best alternative to the moves you do with equipment.

This article highlights simple equipment-free exercises to boost your muscles and fitness.

Incline Push-up

You only need to find a raised surface to place your hands on and assume a push-up position for this exercise. Maintain a straight posture from your feet to the head. Keep the body rigid and start by gradually lowering your body to dip the shoulders below the elbows. Pause for few seconds and resume the initial position. The higher the surface you choose, the easier the exercise. Ensure you repeat the exercise at least ten times.

The Squat

The bodyweight squat requires you to spread your feet a bit wider than your shoulders. Keep your arms parallel to the floor by holding them out straight in front of your body. The key to getting the best out of this exercise is to keep your torso as upright as you can, with your lower back slightly arched for the entire movement. The first step is to push your hips back and bend your knees to lower your body. Pause for few seconds and then push back to resume the initial position. You can repeat these up to 20 times.

Floor Raises

Floor raises involve a combination of three types of exercises that you perform one after the other with little or no rest. They include the Y, T, and I raise.
The Y raise involves lying facing the floor and positioning your body completely straight. Then, you form a 30-degree angle between your neck and the hands to form the “Y” with your thumbs pointing up.
You use the same position in the Y raise to perform the T raise. However, your arms should be perpendicular to the body. Keep the arms raised as high and as comfortably as you can.
The I raise exercise is a repetition of the previous raises, but this time you form a straight line by stretching your arms over your ears.

Air Swimming

This exercise strengthens your muscles and targets the backside of your body. You start the activity by lying on your stomach and extending your arms straight over your ears. Then you lift your legs, chest, and arms to squeeze your glutes and flutter your arms and legs up and down, keeping them off the floor. Repeat around three sets, resting for about a minute between each.
Regular simple exercises will keep you fit and healthy as you carry on with your daily activities that don’t allow the incorporation of equipment or sophisticated instructions. Ensure that you perform each of these exercises correctly to get the full benefits and avoid injury.

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