With the arrival of autumn and temperature changes, it is very easy for our baby to catch a cold. The colds are viral infections that mainly affect the throat and nasal passages, its most common form is manifested through the mucus, dry cough, sneezing and even some fever. The situation usually gets worse at night when the cough increases and our baby also has a blocked nose and breathing difficulties. If you want to know how to cure your baby’s cold, in a How we give you some clues.

Steps to follow:

1. To cure your baby’s cold, there are products in the pharmacy such as special nasal serum for babies that will relieve your baby’s clogged nose. You will have to apply a few drops in both holes so that the child can expel the accumulated mucus on its own.

2. If your baby is too small and can’t just expel the mucus, you can use a children’s “nasal aspirator”, which you will find in pharmacies. It is not advisable to abuse this device because you could irritate your baby’s nose.

3. You can relieve your child’s cold symptoms by using, in moderation, a humidifier. Place it in your baby’s room for a few hours only and you will see how he breathes more easily.

4. To fight your baby’s cold, you can also place a towel or pillow under the mattress in order to lift it slightly. You will see how your little one can breathe better during the night.

5. Do not be scared if during the days that your baby has a cold (usually it lasts 7 to 10 days with a cold) you have less appetite. It is normal that during these days the child does not want to eat, what you should do is hydrate more frequently, as this will also help expel the mucus.

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