Holidays are Coming! Destress during the Season

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Holidays are Coming! Destress during the Season

Millions of people have lived through pandemics in the past generations, but it doesn’t change the fact that it caught you by surprise. Covid 19 has left a trail of destruction in its wake, and it’s perfectly normal to struggle to find your inner peace again. One thing’s for sure; you’re not alone.

Your life changed overnight, and you became a work from home mom, teacher, nurse, entertainer, and whatever else was needed. If there’s any comfort in 2020 during the worldwide Corona outbreak, it’s the fact that billions of people are experiencing the same stress-related issues.

It’s time to take a deep breath as countries start to re-open borders and economies, and life slowly adjusts to the new normal. It’s a bonus that it’s happening in time for everybody to enjoy a much needed holiday season soon.

The human body is a peculiar thing. Stress takes its toll on our minds, bodies, and souls long after the actual event has passed. Have you given any thought to what you can do to help your body recover fully in the coming holiday season? Let’s take a look at a few ideas that’ll help you recenter and de-stress during the festivities.


Travel doesn’t only relieve stress; it boosts your mental health too. Scientists believe that even planning a trip already alleviates stress and releases feel-good endorphins that are good for your overall health.

The most significant benefit traveling has for your health is that it breaks your routine. You experience new cultures, people, and surroundings. The pandemic did well in reminding us that all people are the same and that we all need each other. It is an excellent time to explore new places and make new friends during this time of renewed global unity.

Plan an Adventure You Normally Wouldn’t Consider

There’s nothing better to get your heart pumping faster than taking part in an adrenaline-filled activity. Don’t be reckless, but plan something you usually wouldn’t consider.

Consider taking your family on a combined hiking and camping trip? You would’ t have to purchase plane tickets to get it done as most parts of the US have magnificent parks that are safe for camping.

Imagine a few nights under the stars, the fire crackling, without the constant negative news streaming in over your phone. It could be just what the doctor ordered to restore your peace.

If you’re single and have a great group of friends, you could consider an action activity such as white-river rafting or rock climbing. Rent a few mountain bikes and explore new trails. The list of things to do in nature is endless, affordable, and, most of all, it’s a colossal stress-relieve.

Get Creative at Home

If you’re planning to stay at home during the holiday season, it can be just as relaxing. You could consider a home improvement project or start a new garden.

Medical scientists believe that gardening has multiple attributes for our health that’s long-lasting. Some think it can help to reduce the early onset of dementia. That’s a pretty excellent reason to consider planting some herbs in our books.

If you don’t have green fingers, why not consider re-decorating your living space or the kid’s rooms? It can be a great family DIY project and help the entire family take their minds off the pandemic’s stress.

The secret is to break your current routine. Whatever you decide to tackle, make sure it won’t allow time for everybody to disappear into a quiet corner and spend all their time on social media. You can create a task-board for the project and add fun rewards every day for the family member who completed his/her task the best.

Let’s Sum it Up

Looking at all the expert advice we gathered, the secret to reducing stress during the pandemic is to do something that’ll break your day-to-day routine.

Small things like exercising and eating healthy are vital for physical and mental longevity, but let’s face it; 2020 has been a spectacular year of change. Why not end it on a high note by planning something outside of your comfort zone that you have control over?

Whatever you decide to do, remember to stay safe while you’re having fun.

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