And let’s face it, water is a little boring, so it’s often a chore to drink that much. Adding flavor and sweetening water with sugar or diet sweeteners like erythritol or aspartame might make it taste better, but it’s not healthier. We wanted to offer an alternative that would help people increase their water intake but without any sugar, calories, diet sweeteners, or preservatives.

No diet sweeteners, no erythritol

The craftsmanship we put into creating our surprisingly accurate fruit 
flavors is unparalleled. In addition to zero sugar, there are zero diet sweeteners, 
like erythritol, and zero calories. It’s water with a touch of true fruit flavor – 
and nothing else. There really aren’t any products quite like it. Is it any 
wonder our fans have turned it into an obsession?

"Water With A Touch Of True Fruit Flavor"

We believed there was a way to take the perfect beverage, water, and make it a little more perfect by infusing it with fruit essences without adding any sugar or diet sweeteners. And our flavors really taste like fruit! Our Watermelon Water tastes like watermelon. Our smashups like Peach Raspberry tastes like the perfect combination of peaches and raspberries.

Preferable choice for weight management and reducing the risk of conditions like obesity and diabetes. Additionally, infused with natural fruit flavors and sometimes vitamins and minerals, flavored water provides hydration alongside essential nutrients, supporting optimal bodily functions. Its hydration properties are vital for maintaining healthy skin, aiding digestion, and regulating body temperature. Furthermore, flavored water can encourage individuals to drink more water throughout the day, helping to prevent dehydration and promote overall health and vitality.